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 Miraculers! Today I bring to you,the first fan fiction story on our website.My most favorite Miraculous Fan Fiction Story.It has the best possible ending.You will Love it ❤

© It was written by LUIS VARGAS in 2019

A reveals story. (Part 1)

It had been during one of those rare days when Gabriel Agreste had been in a particularly good mood that he had allowed his son’s request to walk his way to school.

Adrien: Come on Plagg, stop that already! And get in before someone sees you.

Plagg: You are the one who wanted to know what secrets Ladybug kept from you, remember?

Adrien: Not her identity!

Plagg: Ok, but i can’t promise for how long i’m going to be able to keep the secret from you. I’m not like Tikki.

Adrien: Tikki?

Plagg: Ladybug’s kwami.

Adrien: Plagg!

<At the school>

Adrien enters the classroom, everyone is working on something for that night’s dance party.

Alya: Girl, i don’t know if we’ll have everything ready in time.

Marinette: Don’t worry Alya, we will.

Rose enter the classroom holding a spoonful of something that smelled like strawberries.

Rose: Marinette, could you tell me if this is ready?

Marinette stops working on the flower arrangement she was putting together and takes the spoon from Rose.

Marinette: Another half a cup of sugar and it’ll be perfect.

Rose: Thanks Marinette!

Alya: Girl, you cook, design, make flower arrangements,… Is there something you can’t do?

Marinette: *chuckles* Tikki just said to me the same this morning…

Had Marinette been paying attention she would had seen Adrien’s eyes open wide in shock.

Alya: Tikki?

Marinette: *nervously* A-an internet friend.

As all the moments he had shared with her moved across his mind, Adrien’s expression of disbelief changed into one of pure happiness.

Nino: Dude, are you ok?

Adrien: What? Oh yes, …i’m great!

A breathless Juleka enters the classroom.

Juleka: Hawkmoth… *breathing* Attacked… *breathing* On Tv… *exits the classroom*

Alya: *sigh* Someone needs to tell that man to take a vacation.

Marinette: Alya, could you finish these for me?

Alya: Um, sure… but where are you going?

Marinette: I need to check something with… my dad. For tonight. I’ll be back as soon as possible.

Adrien smiles to himself.

Adrien: I’m coming with you!

Marinette: What?! Yes! …NO! I mean, thank you but surely you will be more needed here.

Adrien: I could help you carry stuff or whatever you need.

Marinette: Got that covered, thanks!

And she dashed away before he could have a chance to say anything else.

©Luis Vargas


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