Conformation – Miraculous Ladybug Season 5 Episode 25 ( The Last Day Part 1)

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Miraculous Ladybug Season 5 Episode 25 Conformation Synopsis:

Monarch has just placed the final pieces of his villainous plan on his chessboard of evil.He has no thing left to lose,because today will be his final day.The plan he has put in place is more ambitious than ever.Global,merciless,radical.If he were to fail at seizing Ladybug and CatNoir’s Miraculous,the world would live forever in chaos.

The unsuspecting Marinette and Adrien have already fallen victim to this plan.Are  Ladybug and CatNoir doomed?

Will Monarch win in the end?


  1. I think that Plagg could’ve temporarily chosen Zoé Lee to be Kitty Noir again, I’m sure Ladybug would’ve been honoured to let her fight with her temporarily. I know that Monarch already found out Zoé’s secret identity as Kitty Noir before in Deflagration and he got a hold of the Black Cat Miraculous when he stung her and Plagg from behind out of nowhere, but if he caught her in his house, I don’t think he would need to make the same move as he did before. Marinette might overhear Monarch’s reaction to Zoé Lee as Kitty Noir and realise that she was Kitty Noir before, also Monarch could still hear noise coming from the kitchen and from the cupboard and catch her and then she reveals herself as Ladybug and then Zoé could overhear her girlfriend’s secret superhero identity too. I bet they’d be happy to see each other in superhero form and fight Monarch together

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