Revelation – Miraculous Ladybug Season 5 Episode 20 English Dub

Miraculous Ladybug Season 5 Episode 20 Revelation English Dub


Miraculous Ladybug Season 5 Episode 20 Revelation Synopsis:

Lila is an accomplished liar. This evil talent has allowed her to be loved by all, and even to be hired by Gabriel Agreste. But Marinette and Adrien’s growing closer pushes the boy’s father to name Kagami as the new face of his brand, enraging Lila. She uses an incident in class to call for new elections in order to replace Marinette as class representative. But the campaign goes wrong, much to Monarch’s delight. Thread lightly, for with Lila, things are more than often not what they seem…

Miraculous Season 5 Episode 20 Revelation:

Lila gets akumatized in this episode.

Miraculous Ladybug Season 5 Episode 20 Revelation:

Alya is back as Scarabella in this Episode.Marinette will even entrust her own Ladybug Miraculous to Alya, who will become Scarabella for a mission.

In episode 512 (Perfection), we see Lila in a new room where she’s shown cutting Marinette out of a photo taken from a distance by herself.

We’ll see this same room again in episode 520 (Revelation), as we discover the mom with whom Lila lives here. Lila calls her “Mom”. This “mom” is deaf and only speaks using sign language.

Lila has this mother believe that she’s a film actress.

To this mom, Lila’s name is… Iris!

It’s the same every time. Whether as Marinette and Adrien or as Ladybug and Cat Noir, our heroes’ secret identities always prevent them from having a romantic relationship. Tikki and Plagg are sorry to see their holders so sad that they have to give up their feelings. So the kwami make a drastic choice that changes many things in Paris… Conspiracy Marinette is depressed about her love life so she doesn’t go to school. Adrien goes to her to give her homework. Plagg is worried that they might fall in love and reveal their identities. Meanwhile, Mrs. Bustier’s class is having a party because they believe that Adrien and Marinette will fall in love during this meeting. Zoé is skeptical. Alya keeps getting calls from her sister. Adrien and Marinette’s conversation goes south and they are both very sad. Plagg and Tikki can’t stand it and decide to change. Sensing Adrien’s grief, the Monarch attempts to akumatize him. However, she hesitates as she realizes that Adrien doesn’t have a ring. Zoé forces Nino to call Adrien. Adrien asks Nathalie to pick it up for him because he is too depressed. Nathalie tells them that Adrien doesn’t feel like talking so they are all sad. Alya finally decides to talk to Nora, only to find out that she had a fight with Biba. Gabriel comes into Adrien’s room. Nathalie warns him not to take advantage of Adrien’s misfortune. Gabriel ignores this warning and gives Adrien the Alliance Ring. Adrien immediately takes it off, his father leaves. Then Plagg and Tikki take the Miraculous and free the Holder. Adrien is feeling much better, resisting the akuma as he walks over to Marinette. But Monarch found another goal. The one who has not one, not two, but five rings. Plagg and Tikki go to Marinette’s school. Tikki claims Alya as her holder. Plagg wants to claim Nino, but discovers that they are in love, so she leaves him. he’s mad at everyone for not asking Adrien and Marinette how they felt before doing all of this. Plagg chooses her. Monarch akumatizes Boubi. Plagg gives his Miraculous to Zoé. Tikki gives Aly her Miraculous. Alya doesn’t want to keep secrets from her boyfriend, but she agrees if it’s necessary to make it happen for Adrienette. Adrien goes to Marinette, who apologizes for what she said, and they spend some time together on the balcony when they see Bibou drop Paris and then realize that it’s not their responsibility anymore. Boubi uses Shell-ter to protect his head where his akumatized item is, Mulititude to triple himself, and Clout to destroy Paris. Scarabella and Zoé appear on the scene. They don’t have time to introduce themselves because they need to fight Bob, who is trying to use Venom on them. They dodge and defeat him. Adrien and Marinette smile as the damage is repaired. The Monarch’s ring informs him of superhuman activity on two alliances, presumably Aly’s and Zoe’s. He smiles, ready to attack. ADVERTISEMENT Characters The main characters Alya Césaire/Scarabella Zoe Lee/Kitty Noire Marinette Dupain-Cheng (Ladybug to the Past) Adrien Agreste (Cat Noir mention) Gabriel Agreste/Monarch Tikki Plagg Nooroo Mullah Megakuma Boubi/Bibou Minor characters Sapotis (flashback) Party Crasher (flashback) Puppeteer (flashback) Nathaniel Kurtzberg Nino Lahiff Caline Bustier Chloe Bourgeois Sabrina Raincomprix Julek Couffaine Mylène Haprèle Rose Lavillant Max Kante Le Chien Kim Ivan Bruel Marc Anciel Nora Césaire Luka Couffaine (pictured) Alix Kubdel (pictured) Kagami Tsurugi (pictured) Tom Dupain Sabine Cheng Nathalie Sancoeur Lila Rossi (avatar) Master Fu (mentioned) Socqueline Wang Kaalki Xuppu Stomp Roar Daizzi Wayzz Emilie Agreste (avatar) Details The episode shares its title with the Butterfly Miraculous concept. This episode explores a bit more of Monarch’s new abilities to transfer the powers of other Miraculous. It is shown that an Alliance ring can only hold one power at a time, and that the more rings one person has, the more powers the Monarch is able to channel. With Safari, she was able to use more than one Miraculous Super Power despite only having one Alliance Ring. However, this was because she used Genesis to create projectiles that could hold other miraculous superpowers. This may mean that although a single Alliance ring can only gain one Miraculous Superpower, it can grant its villains abilities that allow them to access other Miraculous Superpowers, such as Genesis itself or Akumatization. The teleportation concept was applied in this episode in addition to the akumatization superpower: Tikki and Plagg take their respective Miraculous from Marinette and Adrien and redistribute them to the other new holders: Alye Césaire and Zoé Lee. Gabriel’s Alliance Ring’s ability to force other rings to transmit information about their respective owners allowed him to discover the identities of Scarabella and Zoé. Marinette quotes an extended line from the intro: “I’m Marinette, just a normal girl with a normal life. But there’s something about me that no one knows yet!” This is the first episode where Marinette does not transform into Ladybug, with the superhero appearing only in flashback. This is also the first episode where neither Ladybug nor Cat Noir appear in the present, either together or alone. This is the third time Adrien has not transformed into Cat Noir, after “Style Queen”, “Mr. Pigeon 72” and before “Emotion”.

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