Miraculous Season 5 Episode 26 Re-creation ( The Last Day Part 2)



Monarch has just placed the final pieces of his villainous plan on his chessboard of evil. He has nothing left to lose, because today will be his final day. The plan he has put in place is more ambitious than ever. Global, merciless, radical. If he were to fail at seizing Ladybug and Cat Noir’s Miraculous, the world would live forever in chaos.The unsuspecting Marinette and Adrien have already fallen victim to this plan. Are Ladybug and Cat Noir doomed?Will Monarch win in the end?

Season 5 Last Episode:

Ladybug will be merging the Ladybug and Black Cat miraculous herself becoming “BugNoire”.

The merging of the Ladybug and Black Cat miraculous create a brand new Kwami whose ability is to grant a wish (Like Dragon Ball’s Shenron). The magic formula is found within the Grimoire; Gabriel, however, does not know how to decipher it. This is why his goal is to find someone who does.

Ladybug/Marinette finds out Hawkmoth’s identity. Chat Noir/Adrien, however, will NEVER learn about it.

Season 5 Cliffhanger:

After an epic fight during which she will make him renounce his wish and his Miraculous, Ladybug will recover the Miracle Box. She will defeat Hawk Moth by merging Ladybug and Cat Noir’s powers.But, while defeated, Gabriel will have kept her from recovering the Miraculous of the Butterfly… by throwing it away.Season 5 cliffhanger: someone will seize the Miraculous of the Butterfly.And that someone will be Lila, who has been found to be much more evil and manipulative than Gabriel Agreste ever was.

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    1. Im pretty sure that’s the person he smiled in scene 453 but i could be wrong. Anyways, Gabriel is gone so he definitely wished for something lol.

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