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Miraculous Ladybug Season 5 Episode 19 Pretension English Dub



Miraculous Ladybug Season 5 Episode 19 Pretension Synopsis:

Convinced that Gabriel’s coldness towards her stems from a misunderstanding, Marinette decides to have a heart-to-heart with the father of the boy she loves… and her outstanding courage inspires her friend Kagami! She too would love to open the door to her ever-commanding mom’s heart! Alas, the conversation comes to a sudden end when an unexpected guest returns and spirits Kagami away! Who is this mysterious guest? Will Ladybug and Cat Noir save Kagami? And will Marinette and Adrien ever have a chance to love each other freely?

Miraculous Ladybug Season 5 Episode 19 Villain:

Tomoe Tsurugi as Matagi Gozen (a variation of Ikari Gozen)

Miraculous Ladybug Season 5 Episode 19 Pretension:

As the season is Kwami Themed Monarch will give the powers of Rooster Miraculous “Pretension” to Tomoe Tusurugi.


Kagami silently watches him tie a piece of peacock feather to a stone and throw it away. Then he throws another piece down a chimney… and so on and so forth. Kagami is becoming more and more puzzled. The chico is a genius…

On the street, the Matagi-Gozen galloping along the trail of Argos, who has left shining feathers; they suddenly lift up the nose with bewilderment:

The glowing trail of Argos is now divided into a dozen of trails….

ZOOM OUT: Argos has scattered pieces of feathers from its fan for the whole city!


I don’t understand… you have the peacock Miraculous Why don’t you create a monster feeling to get us out of here?


First of all, don’t call them that


Argos is detransformed. Now that it’s Felix again, as he he removes a feather that he then throws into the sewer waterfall to create another decoy trail, continue:

174 felix

I refuse to create a being just to manipulate them, control them, abuse them… (his aura darkens after saying the word “abuse”) and end up destroying them. (*FELIX.IS IT?)


When you bring a living being into this world, you have a responsibility to them. Your duty, is to protect them, to love them, help them to discover their own meaning to existence… (his voice is bankruptcy) But to deprive them of that… that’s monstrous (*THE BEST DADDY)

Kagami is slowly approaching. She understands now.


Are you talking about… yourself?

He turns to her, takes her hand…

178 felix

I’m talking about us.

Information about Rooster Miraculous:

The Rooster Miraculous is a thumb ring that, whenever occupied by Orikko, transforms the wearer into a rooster-themed superhero with the power of Pretension.

The Rooster Miraculous has the ability to transform its wielder into a rooster-themed superhero, granting its wielder incredible powers of speed, stamina, agility, endurance, and strength.

His special weapon is an unbreakable fountain pen that can be used as a weapon, a communicator, and an item that can be used to breathe . His special superpower is called Sublimation, which allows the user to gain any ability he wishes to achieve his goal, such as defeating a villain. As long as the superpower is not used, the wielder can remain transformed indefinitely. However, once the superpower is used by a minor, the wielder loses the power and the transformation wears off in about five minutes. The thumb ring also has the ability to give the wearer the costume they truly desire.


A Sublimation user is shown to be able to transfer the power of their choice to anything they possess, as Matagi Gozen was able to transfer the power of an enhanced sense of smell to her mount. In addition to superpower usage, the concept of bias is applied through its meanings: Characters are shown expressing the right they think they have to something: Gabriel expresses to Marinette how he has the right to show people how they should think or aspire through his creations. Félix/Argos expresses to Kagami how sentimons have the right to be free to be whatever they want to be and that their creators should help them do that. Characters are shown asking for something from another, wanting to do something, or having their desires revealed: Gabriel tried to use the power of the other kwami to mitigate the effects of Cat Noir’s Cataclysm, but failed. This episode also highlights how powerful the Wonder Cats and Ladybugs are. He also tries to bring Adrien and Kagami together by any means necessary, even intimidating Marinette into giving up her love for Adrien. Marinette is eager to talk to Gabriel about her relationship with Adrien, thinking there must be some misunderstanding. Her desire to become a fashion designer is revealed when Gabriel tries to use this to convince her to give up her love for Adrien. Kagami asks her mother to stop thinking of her and Adrien as a couple and let her decide her fate. Félix/Argos is eager to get to know Kagami better. Figures expressing a boastful attitude are shown: Tomoe brags about how she has control over her daughter without controlling her. However, she realizes that her control over Kagami is not as strong as she thought. Gabriel brags to Marinette about how he can control what people think or aspire to be through his creations, prompting him to show her his dark side. Applying the kwami’s magic to a different goal other than taking their superpowers for his own use or giving them to an akumatized villain, Gabriel tries to use it to relieve the effects of the Cataclysm on his body to buy more time to turn his plans into reality. However, even though it seemed to work in the beginning, it ended up being a complete failure. Tomoe Tsurugi is first seen in Gabriel’s lair. This is the first time a certain person has been akumatized by the same miraculous power a second time. This is Tomoe’s second time with Miraculous Mouse, so Monarch doesn’t explain Mulla’s power to her. This is one of the few cases where an akumatized object is destroyed by a civilian. It is revealed when the wearer transforms and detransforms their scent changes. This is one of many episodes with a postcard scene.

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