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 A reveal story. (Part 2)

<Below Eiffel Tower>

Chat noir: Well, that was fast. Great work M’lady!

Ladybug: Thank you. Ouch…

Chat noir comes closer to her, arms extended and apparently about to hug her.

Ladybug: Chat noir! What are you doing?

Chat noir: Well, you are hurt and can’t even stand up without holding to something. You’ll change back soon, so i’m going to be your transport tonight. *bows*

Ladybug: Oh kitty, thank you, but i’m not telling you where i’m going.

Chat noir: No need. I’ve noticed the general direction you always seem to take. I’ll get you closer to wherever you go.

Ladybug: Mmm… Ok. But you’ll leave me where i tell you, ok?

Chat noir: Deal. Hold on tight.

She places her arms around him and he uses his stick to send them both flying.

Chat noir: Maybe next time you’ll wait for me?

Ladybug: You were taking too long and i have things to do.

Chat noir: Ah, yeah. The dance.

Ladybug: Exac- What?!

Chat noir smiles.

Chat noir: There really isn’t something you can’t do, but we do are a team.

Ladybug’s eyes are open wide. She wants to say something but she can’t believe what she’s hearing. Is it coincidence or has Chat noir learned her identity? She starts stammering.

Chat noir’s smile widens.

They finally land, Ladybug still in shock, not being able to look away from him, trying to figure it out.

Chat noir: Served m’lady. Now it’s time for you to get ready for your event. And… don’t let your ankle spoil your night. I know you won’t be able to dance but… i promise to keep you company so you won’t get bored.

Ladybug still can’t speak. Chat smiles at her again and is about to leave.

Ladybug: Wait!! But… what…? I mean, have you really…?

Ladybug’s earrings start chiming.

Chat noir: That’s my queue to leave. *And he flies away*

The chimming ends and Marinette becomes herself again.

Tikki: Marinette? Are you ok? You should be getting ready.

Marinette: Tikki,… i think Chat Noir knows who i am.

Tikki: *chuckles* You are always very careful Marinette. And i don’t think he would follow you.

Marinette: He was teasing as if he knew.

Tikki: It’s Chat Noir. When is he not teasing?

Marinette calms down a bit and gets thoughtful.

Marinette: But he knew about the dance.

Tikki: Lots of schools have dances this time of the year. He was playing with you.

Marinette fully relaxes now and laughs.

Marinette: How silly i was being. You are right!

Marinette looks around and screams.

Tikki: What? What? What is it?!

Marinette: We’re at my place!

Tikki: Yes,… so?

Marinette: Chat Noir left me here! I have a twisted ankle, he brought me here!

©Luis Vargas


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