Penalteam Miraculous Ladybug Season 4

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“Penalteam” is a future Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir Season 4 episode. “Penalteam” is the 24th written and produced episode of Season 4, according to the series’ production order. It’s also the series’ 102nd overall written and produced episode.

Penalteam Synopsis

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When one of Shadow Moth’s favourite victims is akumatized and transformed into Penalteam, a terrifying team of supervillains, Ladybug summons her own superhero team to battle her; may the greatest team triumph.


Marinette enjoys playing soccer at school and will go to any length to help her team win. Unfortunately, Chloe is also playing (due to obligation) and will go to any length to akumatize her entire squad!

Penalteam Trivia

  • Following “Antibug,” “Queen Wasp,” “Mayura,” “Miracle Queen,” “Queen Banana,” and two off-screen akumatizations into Antibug revealed in “Mr. Pigeon 72,” this is Chloé’s seventh akumatization.
  • Unlike her past akumatizations, Chloé is transformed into a new villain Penalteam, rather than Antibug, Queen Wasp, Miracle Queen, or Queen Banana.
  • Following “Dearest Family,” this is the second episode in which a Magical Charm is dissolved.
  • In Penalteam, the word penalty has two meanings:
  • One interpretation is that it refers to a penalty for breaching the law.
  • Another term for a kick/shot provided to a side if the opposition team breaks the rules during a game.
  • Because the episode is based on a soccer game played by Miss Bustier’s students, the title incorporates a game-related reference.
  • Four new heroes will make their first appearances in a single episode, the most of any episode thus far.
  • “Stormy Weather,” which introduced three Miraculous holders, held the previous record.
  • This does not include the out-of-order publication of “Party Crasher,” which revealed three additional heroes.
  • After “Sole Crusher,” this is the second time an akumatized villain uses their shoes as a weapon.
  • After “Timebreaker,” “Frozer,” “Heroes’ Day,” and “Gang of Secrets,” this is the sixth time footwear has been used.
  • With a total of 13 Miraculous holder allies recruited, this episode takes top spot for the most Miraculous holder allies recruited by Ladybug.
  • This will also put “Miracle Queen” in first place for the most Miraculouses activated, with a total of 17, overtaking “Miracle Queen.”

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