Miraculous Ladybug Action Special Episode English

The Breteau makes an appearance in “Action,” an environmental protection-themed special episode of “The Mighty: Ladybird & Cat Noir” season 5. According to the production schedule, “Action” is the show’s 27th written and produced episode of Season 5. The series’ 131st episode has been written and produced as to this point.

The show will be made accessible on Netflix and the Breteau website, along with free educational resources and lesson ideas for elementary school teachers.


Cat Noir (Adrien), Ladybird (Marinette), and their friends want to actively reduce plastic waste in Paris. The incident makes Marinette realise that the group should try to tackle the problem head-on by trying to persuade the biggest plastic manufacturer to change his methods. The supervillain Monarch, however, has other plans.

Comments from the Authors:

At the Breteau, we believe it’s critical to give students opportunities to engage with real-world issues outside of the classroom. We had the opportunity to reach millions of children globally through Miraculous Ladybird’s production of a special episode about plastic, inform them of the issue of plastic pollution, and inspire them to take action.


We are excited to work with the Breteau on this important project that will educate our children about the issues facing the globe and protect its future. This message will have a greater impact because Ladybird, a heroine as well-known as she is ambitious, will be delivering it. The main themes of our presentation and the ideas they convey readily align with the issues backed by the Breteau.



  • Only one episode of the primary series is accessible for free.
  • To go along with this episode/special, lesson plans and other teaching resources, including 5 modules and endless exercises, will be offered.
  • This episode will not be a part of the season five main story.
  • The target audience for this programme is “children aged 7 to 11.”
  • As of April 28, 2022, the animation for this episode is complete.
  • Lighting, 2D effects, and other post-production work are (necessarily) excluded from this.

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