Passion – Miraculous Ladybug Season 5 Episode 7 English Dub

Miraculous Ladybug Season 5 Episode 7 Passion English Dub EN507

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Miraculous Season 5 Episode 7 Passion

Nuevas-im-genes-Si-gueme-para-ma-s-contenido-de-Miraculous-lady-cielonews-Si-reposteas-da-cre-ditos-Miraculous Ladybug Season 5 Episode 7 Synopsis:

As Marinette tries to convince herself that she loves Cat Noir to try and forget about Adrien,who has given up on being in love with Ladybug, tries to find a way to declare his feelings to Marinette. As everything turns upside down in their lives,Ladybug and Cat Noir exchange their Miraculous to escape a ruthless villain. But the return of Mister Bug is about to make things even more confusing in Lady Noire’s heart.      


Nathalie gets akumatized in S5EP7.Unconfirmed-download-https-www-instagram-com-p-Cfb-Q3a9-Nm-Du-image0


Just looking at the background alone,the walls and the conspicuous vase,is a good indication to me that this is taking place in Nathalie’s room.So that’s one of the reasons I’m convinced it is her getting akumatized.

In Multiplication, when Tomoe Tsurugi was akumatized, she possessed the power of the mouse miraculous without actually having it on her. Then she later says (in the clip below) which is a clear indication that Tomoe and Gabriel have allianced to make the alliance rings! Capable of harnessing the power of the miraculous, without it actually being present on the wearer. A very good move on Gabriel’s part so he wouldn’t have a repeat of Evolution.

Nathalie appears to be wearing the alliance ring here. I’m not sure whether she’s had it before hand, or Monarch gives it to her after she has been akumatized, either way she has it. And with the precedent of events shown by Multiplication, it’s safe to say Nathalie will be receiving a Miraculouses power,just like how Ikari Gozen received the Power of Multiplication. But which one is the question…

Call me crazy but if you look closely at the weapon Nathalie is holding, is it just me ordoes it look a lot like Caprikids Paintbrush? The holder of the GOAT Miraculous?! Also the glowing effect that’s used when the superpower Genesis is activated looks exactly the same! I believe Monarch transferred the Power of the Goat to Nathalie’s alliance ring, so she can use its power!

Another image that was released by TFOU was this one. It has the logo of the Goat miraculous in the middle. The first thing that came to my mind when I saw this was the ad we saw in Multiplication of the Alliance ring. What if this is a transitioning sequence of Monarch transferring the power of the Goat miraculous to Nathalie in the alliance ring! That could be the link between those two images

Listooo-Las-im-genes-me-las-pas-MLady-Brasil-en-Twitter-3-Si-gueme-para-ma-s-contenido-de-MiraculousAlso another thing to note, The Goat Miraculous has the Power of Passion. With that information, and how in the Episode Multiplication, we’ve seen the power of multiplication being used. I think it’s safe to assume that this spoiler takes place in Season 5 Episode 7 Passion!

Also if we read the Synopsis Mister Bug & Ladynoir are clearly mentioned and we will see them again after Reflekta in this episode as revealed by Tfou:

Oh-s-m-s-spoilers-Si-gueme-para-ma-s-contenido-de-Miraculous-lady-cielonews-Si-reposteas-da-cre-ditoI really loved Mr Bug and Ladynoir last time but the question is how will their miraculous swap this time? This episode is going to be really Amazing and I know just like me you also cannot wait but keep visiting the website for latest updates as I will update you about the release dates and new Spoilers for Season 5

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  1. I love you mister bug and ladynoir/adrien and marinette/cat noir and ladybug. Well done and thank you for keeping Paris and New York safe. May your love story continue and be progressive. May your victories be many and troubles few and far in between.

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