Migration – Miraculous Ladybug Season 5 Episode 13 English Dub


There are many sides to Luka. Sure, he’s Juleka’s twin brother, but he’s also like a big brother to his friends, including Marinette and Adrien. They both like to seek his advice, as Luka always has an inspiring quote to give them. Lastly, Luka is the guitarist of the band Kitty Section, and the son of a celebrity. And this side of Luka’s will pique the interest of label owner Bob Roth, who’s ready for anything to make money! But Bob Roth underestimates Luka, who’s ready for anything to defend his values and his friends.


Bob Roth gets akumatized.

As season 5 is Kwami Themed Monarch will give the Powers of Horse Miraculous (Migration) to Bob Roth.



  1. Is there an estimated date for the release? I’m so excited to watch and I check in everyday so knowing when to look would be helpful 🙂

  2. When will this episode be released? It seems like later episodes have been, but I can’t find Season 5 episode 13 anywhere.

  3. Honestly I can’t wait for this episode I’m a huge fan of ladybug and cat noir but when it comes to lila marrinet is a bad character bc she becomes jealous when Lila gets close to adrien like other people can talk to him not just her

  4. Is there an English version coming, I’m not sure what language that video is. I can wait but I was just curious. I looked here a couple weeks ago and there was nothing, glad they at least have a video now. 🙂

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