Miraculous Season 5 Episode 2 Multiplication English Dub

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Miraculous Season 5 Episode 2 Multiplication

“Multiрliсаtiоn” is a upcoming episode of the Seasоn 5 series, which will be released very soon. Mirасulous: Tales оf Lаdybug & Саt Nоir. Based on the production order series for sure, “Multiberliсаtiоn” is the second most written and productive Season 5. It is also the 106th series written, complete.

Miraculous Season 5 Multiplication Synopsis

When Marinette becomes convinced that her feelings for Adrien caused her defeat against Monarch as Ladybug, she decides to give up on her love for the young schoolboy. Besides, as Ladybug, she’s getting ready to fight a more powerful than ever Monarch, with Cat Noir’s help. But as the days go by, not a single akumatized shows up to torment Paris. Could Monarch possibly have given up?

Written by: Thomas Astruc – Mélanie Duval – Fred Lenoir

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