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 A reveals story. (Part 5)

Marinette looks up towards Nathalie. She doesn’t have a second to loose. Something about Alya’s text told her it was true.

Marinette: Tikki! Spots on!

After transforming she is ready to jump over Nathalie if necessary to avoid wasting time but she found Nathalie on the floor rubbing her forehead.

Using her yo-yo she gets upstairs.

Adrien: WHAT?! NO!

Adrien feels coldness wash over his body as he is processing what he just heard. He breaks the hug and tries to pull away from his father but Gabriel had hold him from his hand. 

Just then the door breaks open, Adrien’s bodyguard falling in with it. Adrien struggles and manages to squeeze his hand free.

Ladybug: Adrien! Get away from him! He is Hawkmoth!

Gabriel: *laughs* Very well… Marinette Dupain-Cheng.

This takes her by surprise which gives Gabriel the chance to bring out a small crystal sphere with an akuma ready to use. He throws it at the floor, near where the bodyguard is.

Both Adrien and Ladybug are still in shock from having their identities discovered and finding out Hawkmoth’s. They can only stare as if in slow motion as the sphere breaks and the akuma flies free. It flies around the bodyguard, but the akumatization isn’t happening.

Suddenly it starts flying towards Adrien. His pain is attracting it. This makes Ladybug react and just barely catches the akuma before it reached Adrien. She runs towards him and hugs him.

Ladybug: Are you- LOOK OUT!

She pushes him away just in time to avoid a blow from Hawkmoth’s scepter. Blow that partially did land on Ladybug sending her to the floor.

When she looks up she’s frozen by what she’s seeing. Hawkmoth has grabbed Adrien and has what looks like a wing-shaped knife pointed at him. There are sounds of some sort of fight coming from down the main hall, but this doesn’t distract Hawkmoth.

Hawkmoth: Enough silly games. Your miraculous Marinette, now!

Adrien: F-father??

Ladybug: You wouldn’t dare. *says in disbelief and takes a step forward*

Hawkmoth: Try me. *the tip of the knife closer to Adrien*

Ladybug: What are you doing!? HE IS YOUR SON!

Hawkmoth: You don’t understand! THE MIRACULOUS ARE ALL THAT MATTERS!

Ladybug’s eyes widen in shock at what she’s hearing. A tear rolls down Adrien’s face.

Hawkmoth: With your miraculous I can bring-

Just then a big explosion happens outside the room, bringing part of the ceiling down. Most of it completely blocking the door, but a minor part falling over Hawkmoth and Adrien.

Ladybug runs and picks Adrien up, stepping back just in time before Hawkmoth’s knife reached her. His legs are trapped, but he’ll be free in no time. Someone is calling for Gabriel outside the room. There’s no time to waste, they need to escape right away.

She sends her yo-yo through the space that used to be a window, anchoring it outside. They plunge outside just in time before part of the debris by the door opens.

Ladybug takes a long route on their way towards Master Fu’s place just to make sure Hawkmoth isn’t following them. They are silent on the way. She can see he is in great pain about what has just happened.

Finally they land in an alley besides Master Fu’s building. She de-transforms and they go in. A couple of minutes after having knocked on the door it opens.

Master Fu: Uh oh. From your expressions i can already tell you have very bad news. Come. Sit down. Would you like some tea?

Marinette: No, thank you.

Adrien only shakes his head.

Master Fu: Very well. Tell me what has happened.

Marinette: We… know who Hawkmoth is. His identity.

Master Fu: But that’s good news!

Adrien looks away, trying to hide the tears coming out of his eyes.

In a heartbeat Master Fu figures it out.

Master Fu: Oh, my boy. I am very sorry.

Marinette: There’s something else,…

Master Fu looks intrigued.

Marinette: He… *sighs* He knows.

Master Fu: Knows? Kno- no! …no.

Marinette: I don’t know how it happened. He just-

Adrien: *barely audible* The butterflies.

Master Fu: What? What do you mean?

Adrien: The akuma from this morning. There were butterflies everywhere. We thought they were placed to attack, but..

Marinette: Of course! The owl butterflies. The pattern in their wings! He used them to have spies all over Paris! Watch the moment we transformed!

Master Fu: And now he can-

There is an urgent knock on the door. They all look alarmed at each other.

Marinette: *whispering* We weren’t followed!! I promise!

Master Fu: *whispering too* I doubt Hawkmoth would knock. *winks* Go inside the bathroom, don’t come out till i tell you it is safe.

They leave the door open just enough to have a peek. Master Fu opens the door and gasps audibly and quickly glances towards the bathroom door. Immediately takes a stance as if to attack. This alarms both of them, but Master Fu sees something else that puts him at ease. The other person is saying something, they can’t make out a word, but there’s urgency in the tone. Master Fu looks troubled. There is a noise, some clattering coming from below. Master Fu looks down the hall, nods at something the other person said and closes the door. Hastily he walks towards the bathroom.

Master Fu: No time to waste. Marinette, you come with me. Adrien, let her in when she’s back.

They both look confused but do as they’re told. A few minutes after Marinette and Master Fu enter the other room Adrien hears a knock at the door again. Less urgent this time.

He looks at the door. Who will he find at the other side? Who could had alarmed Master Fu and made him act so strange? The door creaks as he slowly opens it. There’s no one there. He peeks outside to find a girl in the darkness of the corridor. She has her back towards him and is clearly nervous. He clears his throat. She turns and launches herself at him, putting her arms around him, taking Adrien by surprise.

“Oh, thanks goodness you are ok!!”

Adrien: Ma-Marinette??!

©Luis Vargas


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