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 A reveals story. (Part 4)

<At master Fu’s place>

Master fu is laughing warmly.

Marinette: See? *looking at Adrien* Tikki was over-reacting.

Adrien smiles at her and they both turn to look again at Master Fu who has now a fully serious expression in his face.

Master Fu: This is terrible. You two should not had known each other’s identities. And this situation of you dating each other but with one of you as a regular person, that is most dire.

Marinette tries to speak but Master Fu raises his hand indicating he’s not finished.

Master Fu: *looking at Marinette* Hasn’t it occurred to you that Hawkmoth could send one of his victims to attack Adrien to set up a trap for Ladybug? *looking at Adrien* Or vice versa? Then only one of you would have to face the threat. You need to fix this and fast.

Marinette: Yes, Master Fu.

Adrien: Sorry.

<Outside master fu’s building>

Marinette: Well,… any ideas how we’re going to do this? Our break up needs to be very public…

Adrien: Break up?! You don’t really mean it, right?

Marinette: *laughs* Relax, we’ll be breaking up only with our superhero selves. *she turns away and acts shy* I don’t see why you can’t start dating me after you break up with Ladybug, right?

Marinette: …right? *she turns to look at him, he’s not paying attention* A-Adrien? I really don’t think Master Fu would mind us… *she turns to look in the same direction he is looking*

There are butterflies everywhere. Owl butterflies, all of them.

Adrien: Hawkmoth sure believes in not wasting time.

Marinette: *sighs* …and that’s going to make us late for school. *opening her purse* Tikki…

Tikki: Wait!

Marinette: What is it?

Tikki: I’ve got a bad feeling about this.

Plagg: Me too. I haven’t even had time for my morning piece of cheese.

Adrien: Yeah, you had…

Tikki: Boys! *turning to look to Marinette* There’s something going on, I just don’t know what. Transform inside.

They enter the building’s entrance hall.

Marinette: Tikki, spots on!

Once transformed she turns to look for Chat Noir but finds Adrien gawking at her.

Adrien: Oh, you have a beautiful transformation…

Marinette: So sweet kitty, but focus and transform.

Adrien: At once Milady. Plagg, claws out!

As he is transforming Ladybug notices thought the glass doors that the butterflies are flapping their wings as if they were suddenly in pain. Then they suddenly vanish.

Chat noir: Aww Milady, you weren’t even looking and I was giving my best to impress yo- ….you’re not really paying attention to what i’m saying. Wait. Where did all those creepy butterflies go?

Ladybug: They just… vanished. I guess Hawkmoth is loosing his charm in choosing his victims. Well, let’s hurry and go to school before it’s too late. *she starts walking for the door*

Chat noir: Umm.. Bugaboo…

Ladybug gives him a look that is between annoyed and happy.

Chat noir: Don’t you think Miss Bustier will find it odd to find Ladybug sitting in her class?

Ladybug: What? ..oh, you’re right. *chuckles* Tikki, spots off.

Chat noir winks at her.

<at school>

It is now near the end of the school day. Everyone is getting out of the classroom to get ready for P.E.

Adrien and Marinette are outside the locker room doors.

Marinette: Adrien! *chuckles*

Adrien: What? *asks with a big smile*

Marinette: You’ve been very close to me all day long.

Adrien: Yeah, so? I like being close to you.

Marinette: Remember we’re still dating Ladybug and Chat noir. We still haven’t fixed that.

Adrien: Ok, yeah. You’re right. Want to come to my place after school? Talk about how we’re going to do that?

Chloé: Oh! Already here? You are a fast girl Dupain-Cheng! So, what did you want to talk to me about? Make it quick, I’m not staying for P.E.

Marinette: What?

Chloé: What?

Marinette turns to look at Adrien who is just as confused.

Chloé: *laughs warmly* I had bought it for a minute. Oh, you’re so funny!

Marinette: *muttering* …aaand you’re so scary.

Chloé: *looking for something inside her purse* Oh Adrikins, I heard the news. About you and Ladybug I mean. Congratulations! She is just… so perfect, isn’t she? *she gets a far-away look in her eyes as if daydreaming*

Adrien turns to look at Marinette who has a shocked look in her face.

Adrien: Umm… is it me or does she has a cru-

Marinette: No. Please. Don’t finish that sentence.

Chloé takes out from her purse a little bottle with pills in it.

Adrien: Chloé, what is that? Are you sick? Is that why you’re leaving early?

Chloé: What? Oh, this? No. These are vitamins. Great for the hair and the skin.

Marinette: May I see it?

Chloé shrugs and hands her the bottle.

Marinette: Chloé… I don’t know what these are but these aren’t vitamins.

Chloé: What?

Adrien: Marinette is right. I’ve seen these before. These are anti-depression pills. They make you feel happy.

Marinette throws the bottle into the trash bin.

Chloé: But… i don’t understand. Who would do this?

(.:Meanwhile at that very moment in Le Grand Hotel Paris, Chloé’s buttler (Jean whatever-his-name) is happily humming a song while dusting Chloé’s nightstand table:.)

Teacher: Ah, Mrs. Bourgeois. How nice is to see you recovered. *says with sarcasm* Guess that means you will be attending today’s class for a change?

Chloé: Actually-

Teacher: Great! See you inside in 5 minutes.

After class is finished and everyone has changed back into their regular clothes…

Alya: Marinette,… Girl, have you seen my phone? I thought i had put it in my bag but i can’t… *notices Chloé nearby looking directly at her, smiling* …can’t,… find it. *sighs* What? What is it Chloé?

Chloé: Oh, sorry. I just had never noticed the color of your eyes. So beautiful!

Alya: Wha- Chloé, please! I never thought i would be telling you this but, please go back to your old self! Or at least normalize yourself in stages! This ‘new’ you is really freaking me out!!

Marinette and Adrien smile to each other.

Adrien: Well, girls. Sorry, but Marinette and i have to leave. We have a… something to talk about.

Alya smiles and gives Marinette a look that says “Seriously?”.

Marinette blushes heavily.

As they climb into Adrien’s limo everyone at the school’s entrance is looking at them.

By now, Marinette’s face is the same color as Nathaniel’s hair.

Marinette: Well, maybe we’ve just solved the problem.

Adrien: Huh?

Marinette: Everyone was looking at us.

Adrien smiles and lightly brushes the side of her face with the back of his fingers.

Adrien: You are so beautiful when you are stressed out.

Marinette smiles and giggles.

<at the agrestes>

Nathalie is at the main hall, she smiles when she sees them enter.

Nathalie: Hello Adrien! And… Marinette, right? Just look at you, what a beautiful thing you are. Adrien, you are going to make Ladybug jealous! *she laughs lightly*

Adrien and Marinette only blink in surprise.

Marinette: Um… thank you?

Nathalie: Now, Adrien. Gab- I mean, your father wants to have a word with you. In private. He is in your room. If you don’t mind waiting here for a minute Marinette.

Marinette: N-No. It’s ok.

Adrien walks towards the stairs, his bodyguard walking besides him. Adrien looks back towards Marinette and gives her a reassuring smile. He realizes this gesture was caught by his bodyguard who smiles and winks at him.

-What is happening today?- Adrien thinks to himself.

Inside his room Gabriel is waiting in front of the window looking outside.

Adrien: Hello Father. Nathalie said-

Gabriel: Where were you during the attack this morning?

Adrien: I was on my way to school. I stopped for a-

Gabriel: You didn’t answer your phone.

Gabriel turns towards Adrien. He is doing strong eye contact and has a weird expression in his face.

Adrien: I- I *clears his throat* I guess i didn’t hear it. There was-

Gabriel is slowly walking towards him. His eyes never leaving Adrien’s, almost as if he were reading his mind.

He places both of his hands over his son’s shoulders.

Gabriel: I know son. *there’s an eerie smile on his face*

Adrien: Yo-you know? You know what??

Gabriel: *his smile widens* You are Chat Noir.

Meanwhile at that very moment in the entrance hall Marinette doesn’t know what to do. Nathalie is just standing there, smiling at her. Suddenly she hears the chimes of her phone, telling her she’s just received a text.

Marinette: Excuse me.

She moves a couple of steps back to read. It is a message from Alya.

As she reads the short message her breathing quickens, she can’t believe what she’s reading.

<Back in Adrien’s room>

Adrien: *tries to fake a laugh* What? No. I’m not… Chat Noir! Why do you say that?

Gabriel: *hugs Adrien and whispers in his ear* A little butterfly told me.

©Luis Vargas


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