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 A reveals story. (Part 8)

Marinette and Adrien are running towards their school. Disguised in some of Master Fu’s clothes. Before leaving, Adrien and Marinette sent messages to Nino and Juleka, asking them to go to school immediately. To pass the word to their other classmates to be there as well, that it was very important.

Marinette stopped outside their classroom, they could hear everyone already in there. She was really nervous about what they were about to do. Adrien hold her hand, she looked at him.

Adrien: *smiles* Don’t worry, we can do this.

Marinette nods and they enter. Everyone stopped talking and looked at them.

Alya: What is it girl? You said it was very important?

Nino: Are you both ok?

Adrien: We’ve been better,… we’ve been worse? *said looking at Marinette*

Marinette: *clears her throat* Ok. Umm.. Everyone, thanks for coming. We-

Chloé: Please Dupain-Cheng, make it quick. I’ve got to go back to light my Queen Bee sign. My ladybug will be needing me for this one. *said making a dramatic pose*

Alya: *to Nino* We really had to call her too?

Marinette: *smiles to Alya* Actually Chloé, that’s what this is about. Paris needs our help, from all of us. This villain attacking, it isn’t just another akumatized person. It is Hawkmoth.

Everyone starts talking nervously.

Chloé: But… that’s also good, isn’t it?

Alya: *annoyed* Good?? How so Chloé?

Chloé: I mean, he is out of hiding. So, team miraculous can have another chance to defeat him. Take him out for good.

Alya: For good? Surely you don’t mean…?

Chloé: Yeah! To k-

Adrien: NO!

Everyone looks at him. Adrien suddenly feels very uncomfortable.

Adrien: We- *looks down* We just need to take the miraculous away from him.

Chloé: Adrikins?? *asks worried*

He looks at Marinette. She puts her hand over his shoulder and he nods.

Marinette: Hawkmoth is… his father.

There’s silence in the classroom, people exchanging glances.

Marinette: So, that means, no to K word. *looking towards Chloé*

Alya: Ok, agreed, but how did he suddenly become so powerful anyway?

Juleka: *quietly* And how are we supposed to stop him? Isn’t that Ladybug and Chat Noir’s job?

Marinette: I’ll get there in a minute Juleka. And, Alya,…he’s got the… the cat miraculous.

Alya: What?! Oh Adrien, please tell me you didn’t just trust him and handed it to him when you learned he was Hawkmoth. *quickly covering her mouth after the words escaped her lips*

Nino: Adrien?! Chat.. noir?

There’s talking around the classroom again, more excitedly this time.

Nino: Alya. You knew?

Alya: Wel,… yeah. You didn’t?? It was so obvious. Always mysteriously disappearing, all those silly excuses,… Now you’re gonna tell me you didn’t know Marinette is Ladybug?

Chloe: *in an extremely high-pitched voice* whaaAAattt?!!

Everyone is looking at Marinette. She looks down inside her purse and makes eye contact with Tikki, who just shrugs.

Mylene: Marinette…?

Marinette: Tikki… spots on!

Open jaws, unblinking eyes, expressions of surprise and the proud expression on Alya’s face was what Adrien saw as Marinette transformed.

The silence that came afterwards was interrupted by the sound of Chloé moaning as she fainted, hitting hard the floor.

Alya: *chuckles* Now i’m happy we called her. This is too good, where’s my phone? I really gotta get a selfie of this.

Ladybug: Alya,…

Alya: Ok, ok. Sorry.

Ladybug: We have precious little time. Could someone please bring something to wake Chloe up? We’ll be needing Queen Bee for this.

Sabrina runs out of the room as Luka and Kagami are entering, standing frozen when they see Ladybug at the front of the classroom.

Ladybug: Thanks for coming guys. Come in please. Well,… i wish there had been time to have done this individually, but, Hawkmoth is in a hurry, and so we must too. *opens a bag she had been carrying* Rena Rouge, Caparace. *says while holding both miraculous towards Alya and Nino*

Adrien: Nino,… *smiles at his friend*

Ladybug: Pegasus, Viperion, King Monkey, Ryuko.

Rose: *to Juleka* Does that mean we’re getting to become superheroes too?

Juleka: Chloé became Queen B, so… *smiles and holds her hand*

Mylene: *to Juleka, Rose and Alix* All of them had had the chance of becoming superheroes,… Anyone else feeling a little bit left out?

Juleka: Yes.

Rose: A little bit.

Alix: No.

They turn to look at her.

Ladybug: Bunnix.

Alix smiles and winks at them who jokingly gesture that they are no longer friends.

Ladybug finishes handing out the miraculous.

Ladybug: Everyone go to the cafeteria, grab food for your kwamis, they’ll tell you what they need. Those new to being Miraculous Holders, ask about the power you’ll have as superheroes. Go.

Five minutes later they are all moving towards Eifell Tower. People in the streets are running in the opposite direction. The closer they get to it the more destruction they find. First there were buildings with burn marks and holes. But now they were starting to find just piles of bricks. There’s an eerie stillness in the air.

Bunnix: Something’s not right. *says warily and stops*

Ladybug: Yes. I feel it too. …can’t put my finger on it tough. *stops besides Bunnix, putting Adrien down*

Faintly at first, they start hearing a slow thumping followed by small tremors in the floor. Slowly they start intensifying. The group stands in a circle around Adrien, looking everywhere.

Viperion: *activates his miraculous* Second chance!

Queen B: Can anyone tell where the thumping is coming from?

The thumping is louder now and the floor is shaking more intensely. Suddenly they hear the sound of many wings flapping, weird looking akumas launch at them from everywhere.

Caparace: Shelter!

The protective shield forms around them just in time. As the akumas hit the shield they disappear but they leave that part of the shield visibly weakened.

Rena Rouge: They have Chat Noir’s cataclysm!

Caparace: It’s not that strong. Just give me a second to try something Wayzz told me.

He closed his eyes and the damaged parts of the shield healed.

Rena Rouge: That’s my boyfriend.

Queen B: Great, but we can’t stay here forever. Ladybug, girl-friend, what do we do?

Ladybug: *chuckles* Not calling me girl-friend would be a good start. Let’s see how bad this is… Caparace, do you think you could let just one akuma come in? I need to make sure my power works the same with this new akumas.

Caparace: I think so, yes.

He closed his eyes again and a hole opened briefly, allowing one of the akumas to enter. Ladybug launched her yo-yo and caught it.

Ladybug: *sights* No more evil doing for you little akuma.

The moment Ladybug opened her yo-yo they all felt a force emerging for it, taking them all by surprise, making them stagger a couple of steps back. Then, what looked like the ghost of the akuma came out flying. It looked as if it were dissolving with each flap of its wings, only it didn’t seem to finish disintegrating. Its movements where erratic and wild. Ladybug caught it in her yo-yo again and this time when she opened it there was nothing.

Rena Rouge: What just happened?

Queen B: And how did it happen? I thought Hawkmoth could only release one akuma at the time.

Adrien: He must have found a way by using my miraculous.

Caparace’s miraculous chimes.

Caparace: We’ve got four minutes before i change back, so whate-

King Monkey: LOOK OUT!

Before anyone could react a blow was felt against the protective shield which immediately disappeared, sending Caparace to the floor.

The akumas started clashing on the team, hurting them where they landed. Had they been regular people the attack would had claimed their lives. Aware of this, Ladybug was desperately catching akumas.


Distracted by the attack from the akumas no one had noticed a giant creature that was about to land a blow on Adrien. Queen B jumped and reached Adrien first, raising her right hand. The giant froze by Queen B’s power, but not before sending her down.

Adrien: CHLOÉ!

Not only did she not respond but changed back to her normal self. Pollen appeared for a second, looking confused, then disappeared into the bee miraculous.

Rena Rouge: *gasps* Chloé…??

Adrien starts sobbing.


©Luis Vargas

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