Season 4 Finale: The Last Attack of Shadowmoth

Miraculous Season 4 Finale Spoilers, Season 4 Last Episode FB-IMG-1637909151306

🚨Spoiler Alert🚨👇

Gloob has revealed a new spoiler image from an unknown episode! It looks like Coq Courage and Minotaurox are with the team!

YouTube Description:

“Guys, for everything! This Miraculous Alert moved me differently, look at all these heroes together! And you can see that the Rooster(Nathaniel) and the Buffalo (Ox- Ivan) are also together with the crowd. Who did Ladybug (Marinette) deliver these miraculous to, huh? Apparently, this meeting is very important!”

Based on the animation, it looks like SAMG worked on this episode and this might be from Episode 25/ 26 “The Last Attack of Shadowmoth.” These are just half of the superheroes, we don’t know if the other will be present as well. I’m already guessing that Cat Noir might not be here since he’s leaving Paris with Lila.

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