Miraculous Season 4 Episode 22 Ephemeral

Miraculous Season 4 Episode 22 Ephemeral English Ephemeral


So I take 1-3 things. 1. A nightmare from the possibility of both Gabriel and Marinette. Marinette and her team lost to Shadowmoth. Adrian knows about Gabriel’s secret and now the father and son are fighting a last resort. 2. Shadowmoth actually becomes so powerful that all heroes may be needed but still not enough. Episode 3 of Ladybug Shakes Anyone? 3. Bunnix starts fixing everything but shows how bad things will get in the future. Ephemeral means a very short stay. With the exception of Bunnix, Viperion is the only add-on clutch to fix everything. I’m scared of everyone as this sounds like the last game for both sides. When everything is now in line where victory can still be bad.

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