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“Befana” is a Season 2 scene of the series, Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug and Cat Noir.[6] As in view of the series’ creation request explicitly, “Befana” is the eighth composed and delivered scene of Season 2. It is additionally the 34th composed and created scene of the series, by and large. 



At the point when Marinette chooses for spend time with her companions on her birthday rather than her grandma, grandmother is akumatized into a sweets firearm employing baddie. 

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Marinette’s grandma gets akumatized to Befana. Outfitted with a gun, she needs to transform her into rock sculpture by retribution on Marinette for deceiving her.

 It’s Marinette’s birthday! To observe, Tikki makes an extraordinary appeal called a Kwagatama to give as a birthday present. She discloses to Marinette that kwamis have given their holders presents for quite a long time and is glad to be her kwami, however Marinette is diverted. Tikki is harmed that Marinette wasn’t focusing and accepts that she doesn’t care for the gift, yet Marinette apologizes and rapidly clarifies that she was considering an unexpected gathering her colleagues were arranging. Marinette enlightens Tikki regarding the various things she’s seen around the school (Juleka holding a bicycle siphon at school, Nino paying attention to her main tune, Adrien and Alya are murmuring and act apprehensive when she shows up) and discloses to her that she trusts Alya’s tale about going to the dental specialist is simply code for an unexpected gathering. 


To check this, she asks her folks, and their liable and anxious reaction affirms her doubt. Thrilled that her cohorts would accomplish something so decent, Marinette races to the way to welcome them when she hears the doorbell ring.In any case, much to her and her folks’ shock, it is her grandma Gina. Gina welcomes Marinette and gives her a shirt as a birthday present. In any case, the shirt is for a lot more modest youngster. She additionally gives Marinette the treats that she used to like as a kid. Tom and Sabine attempt to persuade Gina that Marinette is mature enough to like new things, yet Gina rebukes her child and demands that they will have a great time. Gina and Marinette leave on her bike. Grandma Gina takes Marinette to the recreation center and to the zoo, still under the feeling that Marinette is a little youngster. In the mean time, Marinette stresses that she wasn’t right over the gathering. She doesn’t care for the treats Gina gave her however is too courteous to even consider advising her so. Then, at that point Alya calls Marinette and requests that she go to “the dental specialist”. Marinette is thrilled that the gathering is still on and inquires as to whether she can go. Both of them have a misconception, and Gina feels that Marinette is simply rationalizing to escape their day. She gets back discouraged. 


Sabine advises Tom to converse with her, yet he unintentionally obliterated Marinette’s birthday cake. Both of them work to make a cake so the gathering will be saved and disregard Gina. In the interim, Gina finds that Marinette was lying about eating the sweets she’d given her. Bird of prey Moth detects her negative feelings and sends an akuma, which enters the treats tin. He enables her to “rebuff the terrible and award the great” and akumatizes her into Befana. Befana goes first floor and turns Tom, who had attempted to address her, into coal. At the point when Sabine items, Befana reveals to her that she has consistently been sweet and transforms her into a pixie. Befana orders Sabine to take her to Marinette. Marinette is making some superb memories at her gathering and has recently gotten a gift from Adrien when Befana assaults. Befana will not pay attention to her reasons and attempts to transform her into coal. All things considered, the shot hits Mylène. Adrien figures out how to move away and change into Cat Noir. Befana’s shot hits Adrien’s gift, and she remarks that Marinette doesn’t merit presents. Feline Noir stands up to Befana, disclosing to her that he prefers that she sports dark. She offers to help him sport white, as one of her pixies, however he dismisses the offer, saying dark draws out the green in his eyes. Befana sets Sabine on Cat Noir and keeps on assaulting Marinette. Marinette can’t change and is at risk for being transformed into coal. Alya and different children choose to safeguard her themselves. 


Alya starts to toss dishes at Befana and is transformed into coal. Then, at that point Kim attempts to get Befana’s weapon and is likewise changed. She arranges the kids to remain back, yet Rose sobs for her to let Marinette be, revealing to her that she was the best young lady on the planet. However Befana is irritated that Rose talked without consent, she believes that Rose was sweet to protect her companion and transforms her into a pixie. Marinette endeavors to change however is hindered by Cat Noir, who carts her away. Befana sends Rose and Sabine to assault them, however the leftover kids rope them with standards and attempt to stop them. Befana transforms the excess youngsters into coal and heads off to seek retribution on Marinette. Feline Noir takes Marinette to the Eiffel Tower and returns to confront Befana in the wake of wishing her a cheerful birthday. Marinette takes the snapshot of isolation to change. In the interim, Befana goes all through the town turning “awful” individuals into coal and “great” individuals into pixies. She is knocked off her bicycle amidst her tune by Cat Noir, who makes up his own tune. The tune is done by Ladybug, who shows up on the scene. Falcon Moth orders Befana to assault them, yet Befana advises him to say the enchantment word, which he answers to with a “please.” However, she chooses to get Marinette first and heads off to the Eiffel Tower. Froze, Cat Noir follows her, saying that he left the young lady there. 


Ladybug nearly discloses to him that she was fine unintentionally and follows him. Feline Noir attempts to assume responsibility for Befana’s cycle yet is knocked off the bicycle and must be protected by Ladybug. Befana attempts to transform Ladybug into a holy messenger, saying she’d make an ideal follower, yet Ladybug maintains a strategic distance from the impact and figures out how to get onto the pinnacle. Befana is irate that she dismissed her “gift” and has her heavenly messengers assault her. While the holy messengers assault Cat Noir, Ladybug is pursued up the pinnacle by Befana, who fires on her. She fires straight into the air, and Ladybug figures out how to avoid the way. The shots are pulled somewhere near gravity and nearly hit Befana, who fears her own assault. Befana maintains a strategic distance from the shots. She attempts to shoot Ladybug however needs to top off her weapon. Ladybug discloses to Cat Noir that Befana is helpless against her own slugs. He remarks that the akuma is presumably in the sweets tin. Ladybug utilizes Lucky Charm and gets a tuba. 


Before they can utilize it, Befana’s assault transforms the ground under them into coal, and her heavenly messengers push them through to the floor underneath. Encircled by the heavenly messengers, Ladybug and Cat Noir attempt to think about an exit plan as Befana pushes ahead. Ladybug sees the central conduit and finds how she should utilize the tuba. To delay, she gives up and reveals to Cat Noir to show Befana where Marinette was. Befana postpones taking his Miraculous until she gets her granddaughter and advises the holy messengers to watch Ladybug. In any case, Ladybug figures out how to tie them up with a fire hose. Anxious that he may coincidentally sell out Marinette, Cat Noir shows Befana a wardrobe. He is diminished when Marinette isn’t there. Befana blames him for lying once more, however before she assaults him, she hears the lift go down and races to meet it, thinking Marinette was in it. All things considered, inside are her pixies, attached with the hose. Ladybug consoles Cat Noir that Marinette is protected and advises him to utilize his Cataclysm on the fire hydrant. She puts the tuba over the surge of water, and the water is diverted towards Befana. Befana attempts to move away from the surge of water and fires it with her firearm, in any case, the water has covered her. The tuba, the water, and Befana are totally transformed into coal. Ladybug breaks the treats tin, catches the akuma, and utilizations Miraculous Ladybug to fix things. Falcon Moth guarantees that he will rebuff Ladybug and Cat Noir one day. 


Back at the gathering, Gina plays with André before Marinette pulls her to the side to show her the pack cover she made with Gina’s gift. Gina remarks that Marinette has taken in a great deal since Gina’s last visit, and Gina reveals to Marinette that for her next birthday, her present will be an outing. Marinette expresses gratitude toward Gina however discloses to her that the gift wasn’t significant; the supplier was. Sabine and Tom approach with the cake, and Kim and Ivan hold Marinette up to victory the candles. Then, at that point Adrien gives her his gift once more: an appeal arm band like the one she gave him in “Gamer”. Marinette battles to express gratitude toward him, and her family appreciates watching her be cheerful. 


As the gathering goes on, Marinette and Tikki talk about Adrien’s gift. Marinette was glad that he made it himself, yet Tikki called it bizarre. Marinette said Tikki’s gift was more bizarre, which infuriates her, however Marinette then, at that point uncovers that she was wearing it as an appeal neckband around her neck. She said that it was comparably valuable, saying that the actual gift didn’t make any difference, however the individual giving it. The scene closes with Adrien taking a gander at the arm band Marinette gave him.

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