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Overview of The Collector:

The Collector” is a Season 2 scene of the series, Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug and Cat Noir. As in light of the series’ creation request explicitly, “The Collector” is the first composed and delivered scene of Season 2, along these lines making it its debut. It is additionally the 27th composed and created scene of the series, in general.



Expert Fu and Marinette accept that the proprietor of the Miraculous book is Hawk Moth, yet that doubt prompts either Adrien or his dad, Gabriel.

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As Ladybug attempts to reveal Hawk Moth’s mysterious character, Adrien’s dad, Gabriel Agreste gets akumatized into the Collector

Plot of Full Episode

Wayzz inquires as to whether he is OK, which he answers to by saying, “she’s here.” Wayzz shrouds when Marinette enters Fu’s back rub shop with Tikki. Tikki discloses to Master Fu that she realizes that he didn’t need her to bring Marinette back, yet she has something for him to see. Marinette perceives Master Fu from when he mended Tikki and when she saved him from being hit by a vehicle on the principal day of school. Expert Fu discloses to Marinette that he decided to give her the Ladybug Miraculous in light of the fact that she’s continually able to help other people. At the point when she asks what his identity is, Tikki clarifies that Master Fu is the last known individual from the Order of the Guardians. Wayzz then, at that point emerges from covering up and presents himself.Expert Fu discloses to Marinette that Guardians are liable for securing and appropriating the Miraculouses and that they are picked when they’re youthful and prepared for a long time. Notwithstanding, Master Fu committed an error that brought about the Guardians’ sanctuary being annihilated and the vanishing of the Miraculous book, alongside the Butterfly and Peacock Miraculouses. Marinette doesn’t comprehend the significance of the book, since all she sees are drawings of old superheroes and some abnormal images. Expert Fu discloses to Marinette that he can basically incompletely interpret the codes and that the book can give Ladybug and Cat Noir new powers, implying that it is truly important.


At the Agreste house, Gabriel has discovered that Adrien took his book. As Nathalie shows surveillance camera pictures of Adrien’s activities, Gabriel asks Adrien for what reason he took it, and Adrien answers that he simply needed to realize what was behind the representation, since Gabriel had never informed him regarding the things there. He tells his dad that he was wanting to give the book back yet then, at that point he lost it. Gabriel asks Adrien how he will actually want to trust him again after this. Adrien apologizes and offers to get his dad another duplicate, yet Gabriel furiously answers that the book is exceptional and the wellspring of his motivation. He then, at that point prohibits Adrien from truly going to class again prior to leaving his room with Nathalie.Back at Master Fu’s back rub shop, Master Fu says that he accepts that whoever had the Miraculous book should likewise have the Peacock and Butterfly Miraculouses. To Marinette this suggests the astonishing chance that Adrien is Hawk Moth, so when Master Fu asks her how she discovered the book, she lies and says that she spotted it on a seat in the recreation center. Marinette then, at that point offers to examine who the proprietor of the book really is. Expert Fu consents to this however cautions her to watch out. In the wake of leaving the back rub shop, Tikki asks Marinette for what reason she misled Master Fu. Marinette states that she was unable to reveal to him that Adrien had the book since she can hardly imagine how he would be Hawk Moth. In any case, Marinette stresses over what may occur if Adrien ends up being Hawk Moth all things considered. Tikki guarantees Marinette that there might be a decent clarification for this. Marinette then, at that point goes inside the school to search for Adrien.


During her hunt, Marinette catches Chloé crying in Miss Bustier’s study hall. At the point when she asks what’s wrong, Chloé says that Adrien is never returning to class. Kim and Max clarify that Adrien’s dad grounded him forever, and Nino adds that Adrien obviously lost a significant book that had a place with his dad. Marinette understands that the “significant book” should be the Miraculous book, and she moans with alleviation after understanding that the book had a place with Adrien’s dad, not Adrien. She then, at that point goes into the school washroom, glad to realize that Adrien isn’t Hawk Moth. Tikki calls attention to that Adrien took the book without his dad’s authorization, yet Marinette says that he most likely had a valid justification. Tikki discloses to Marinette that in case she’s right, that implies Gabriel Agreste is Hawk Moth. Marinette considers that to be conceivable and changes into Ladybug. She endeavors to call Cat Noir yet he doesn’t reply, so she leaves a message clarifying that she thinks she realizes who Hawk Moth is.Nathalie asks Gabriel what he will manage without his book. Gabriel gives her a sketchbook and advises her to return it where it should be. He then, at that point starts to pitch a fit, annihilating various things in his atelier. In the mean time, in Adrien’s room, Plagg attempts to get Adrien to look on the splendid side by advising him that his dad could’ve gotten some answers concerning him if kwamis could be shot or captured. Adrien, in any case, is more worried about discovering the book so he’ll have the option to return to class. Plagg feels that not going to class is something to be thankful for, offering some cheddar to celebrate. Adrien then, at that point hears a clamor and surges down the stairs with his guardian to perceive what’s up, yet Nathalie stops them, disclosing to Adrien that his dad is exceptionally occupied and sending him back up to his room.


In his den, Hawk Moth expresses that he feels Gabriel’s outrage, and makes an akuma. In any case, the akuma doesn’t take off. Bird of prey Moth then detransforms, uncovering his actual personality to be Gabriel Agreste. Nooroo asks Gabriel for what valid reason the akuma is as yet inside the refuge, to which Gabriel reacts by saying that he should become another person to stay away from doubt. He then, at that point removes the Butterfly Miraculous and briefly disavows Nooroo, causing the kwami to be drawn back inside the ornament. In the wake of putting the Miraculous inside a little box, Gabriel gets the sketchbook he’d given Nathalie before and lets the akuma enter it, changing him into the Collector.Adrien concludes that he should discover his dad’s book assuming he needs his absolution, so he changes into Cat Noir to look for it. Be that as it may, he is made aware of Ladybug’s message and, after hearing it, chooses to meet with her first. In the mean time, the Collector kicks down the atelier entryway that Nathalie is guarding and, subsequent to presenting himself, tosses his sketchbook at her, catching her inside it. He then, at that point does likewise to the protector. The Collector continues to go up to Adrien’s room, just to track down that the kid isn’t there. So he rather goes out of control all through Paris, catching different residents and landmarks inside his sketchbook.


Feline Noir runs into Ladybug and asks her who she thinks Hawk Moth is. She answers that he is Gabriel Agreste, to Cat Noir’s colossal shock. Feline Noir requests verification, which Ladybug can’t give (she doesn’t enlighten him concerning the book), however she offers a few pieces of information and shows him Gabriel’s particular logo: a dark butterfly. Feline Noir additionally understands that a portion of the style in the Agreste manor is butterfly-molded. He concludes that both of them ought to go to Gabriel’s home to examine the matter. Unbeknownst to them, the Collector is snoopping and is enchanted that his arrangement is working.Showing up at the Agreste house, Ladybug and Cat Noir are shocked to see Gabriel’s annihilated atelier. Ladybug recalls Adrien and surges with Cat Noir to check his room, however the two are hindered by the Collector. The Collector endeavors to trap the couple inside his sketchbook, and keeping in mind that neglecting to do as such, figures out how to ingest Cat Noir’s staff when he tosses it at him.


In the wake of covering up, Ladybug utilizes Lucky Charm and gets a bicycle pedal. In any case, she is uncertain how to utilize the item. The Collector discovers Ladybug and Cat Noir and attempts by and by to entangle them. He prevails with regards to taking Ladybug’s yo-yo. Feline Noir reaches the resolution that since Gabriel was akumatized, he can’t be Hawk Moth, causing him a deep sense of help. Ladybug, nonetheless, doesn’t see Gabriel transforming into the Collector as uplifting news. The team surge up to Adrien’s room and blockade the entryway with numerous things to hold the Collector back from getting in. Ladybug asks why Adrien isn’t at home. Feline Noir recommends that the Collector has caught him. Ladybug is stunned at the chance of Gabriel taking his annoyance out on his own child.The Collector figures out how to break into the room, yet before he does, Ladybug gets the plan to make the Collector run out of pages in his sketchbook. The Collector pronounces that he might want to take the couple’s Miraculouses “for Hawk Moth”. Ladybug grabs Cat Noir’s belt and folds it over the foosball table with the bicycle pedal while Cat Noir utilizes his Cataclysm on Adrien’s racks, making a lot of CDs fall onto the floor. Feline Noir then, at that point tosses the CDs at the foosball table as Ladybug turns the pedal, dispatching the CDs toward the Collector. The Collector assimilates the flood of circles by waving his sketchbook in their way. At last, Cat Noir runs out of CDs and the Collector endeavors to trap Ladybug, just to find that his sketchbook is full.


Before Collector can eliminate the CDs from the sketchbook, Ladybug snatches it and tears it down the middle, delivering the akuma. She utilizes Miraculous Ladybug to reestablish all the harm done and afterward refines the akuma, transforming the Collector back into Gabriel. Ladybug asks Cat Noir to clench hand knock with her, yet all things considered, he hurries to Gabriel to ensure he’s OK.Gabriel asks the pair what occurred. Cat Noir clarifies that he was akumatized, however it’s over at this point. Gabriel thanks the two of them yet then, at that point alarms after understanding that Adrien is missing. Kat Noir guarantees Gabriel that his child is most likely covering up, and Ladybug concurs, since else he would’ve showed up back in his room. Gabriel says that nothing should happen to Adrien in light of the fact that he is excessively valuable to him, which satisfies Cat Noir. The team bid farewell to Gabriel and leave the Agreste house. Whenever they’re gone, Gabriel grins malignantly to himself and guarantees that he’ll see Ladybug and Cat Noir again genuine soon.

Marinette meets with Master Fu and comes clean with him about how she tracked down the Miraculous book. She guarantees that since Gabriel Agreste was akumatized, he can’t be Hawk Moth. Expert Fu considers this to be reasonable yet asks Marinette how she realized Gabriel claimed the book. Marinette clarifies that she originally thought the book had a place with his child, however since she’d recently met Master Fu, she didn’t know whether she could reveal to him that. Expert Fu comprehends that Marinette was anxious about the possibility that that the one she adores might’ve been Hawk Moth. Marinette denies her pound on Adrien from the outset yet before long lets it be known. She is disheartened at the prospect of Adrien not being permitted back in school since she can never give Gabriel the book back, however Master Fu offers an answer. He continues to take photos of the book’s pages with his cell phone. Marionette returns the Miraculous book to Gabriel and inquires as to whether he’d let Adrien return to class.


Gabriel consents to this solicitation and has Marinette accompanied out by Nathalie. Before she leaves, Marinette asks Gabriel where he got the book. He discloses to her that he discovered it while out traveling abroad with his better half. When Marinette has left the chateau, Tikki praises her on her grit. Marinette says that interestingly, Adrien is permitted out of the house once more.Gabriel puts the book back in his safe and apologizes to Adrien for getting so incensed over it. Adrien concedes that he shouldn’t have taken the book without his authorization. Gabriel discloses to Adrien that the book was the absolute last gift his better half provided for him before she vanished, yet he understands that he can’t keep the book or Adrien secured up his home for eternity. Adrien inquires as to whether that implies he can return to class. Gabriel gestures and Adrien embraces his dad in appreciation. The following day, Adrien gets back to Collège Françoise Dupont and is joyfully welcomed by his cohorts.Gabriel looks through an advanced duplicate of the Miraculous book with Nathalie close by. Nathalie is confounded regarding why Gabriel went through such a difficult situation in the event that he previously had a duplicate of the book. Gabriel reveals to her that he did what he needed to keep quiet. He then, at that point presses some mysterious catches on the representation of Emilie Agreste, uncovering a section to Hawk Moth’s nest covered up under the atelier. Once in his sanctuary, he opens the crate containing the Butterfly Miraculous, puts it on his chest, and changes into Hawk Moth. Falcon Moth ponders how Ladybug and Cat Noir nearly found his actual personality, however presently he’s beyond reproach and nothing will prevent him from getting their Miraculouses. He should simply hang tight for his next prey.

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