Migration – Miraculous Ladybug Season 5 Episode 13



There are many sides to Luka. Sure, he’s Juleka’s twin brother, but he’s also like a big brother to his friends, including Marinette and Adrien. They both like to seek his advice, as Luka always has an inspiring quote to give them. Lastly, Luka is the guitarist of the band Kitty Section, and the son of a celebrity. And this side of Luka’s will pique the interest of label owner Bob Roth, who’s ready for anything to make money! But Bob Roth underestimates Luka, who’s ready for anything to defend his values and his friends.


Bob Roth gets akumatized.

As season 5 is Kwami Themed Monarch will give the Powers of Horse Miraculous (Migration) to Bob Roth.


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