Illusion – Miraculous Ladybug Season 5 Episode 5 English Dub

Miraculous Ladybug Season 5 Episode 5 Illusion English Dub Screenshot-20221102-155129

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Miraculous Season 5 Episode 5 Illusion

(English Dub)

Miraculous Ladybug Season 5 Episode 5 Synopsis: 

Even though Ladybug can no longer entrust him with a Miraculous.Nino wants to keep helping the Superhero and Catnoir.He decides to create a Resistance Network at school.The secret organization’s first mission is to figure out how Monarch’s new power works by deliberately triggering an akumatization.But the first members of the Resistance Marinette,Adrien and Alya are not convinced.Would Ladybug and Catnoir agree with such a plan?


Collector,Mr Rat


We all know we only see Gabriel as collector when Ladybug doubts he is the Villain or when he wants something.Winny Shared these images:

IMG-20220724-180828-291IMG-20220724-180825-669In the first image we can see Collector and Mr Ramier(names) and in the second image we can see rats it makes sense right? But this episode is somehow similar to Strike Back when we saw two villains Risk and Strike Back in the same episode.Now two things can happen either Ladybug and Catnoir defeat Mr Rat in the beginning of the episode and then Gabriel akumatizes himself into Collector again and makes illusions what motives he has are unknown at the moment or we might see Mr Rat and Collector at the same time Ladybug and Catnoir might be fighting Mr Rat and Collector (Gabriel) might be making illusions from far.I know you all are also excited for this episode because this episode is going to be really interesting.Stay connected to the website for Latest Miraculous Ladybug News !!!

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