Destruction – Miraculous Season 5 Episode 3 English Dub

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What if ladybug’s worst nightmare came true? What if Monarch could force the kwamis who know Ladybug’s address to lead him to her? The unfortunate little creatures would have no choice but to obey him….And What if Monarch Showed up at Marinette Dupain-Cheng’s Home,Would she be able to escape him?

Miraculous Season 5 Episode 3 Destructon

English (US)

Hello everyone.I was asked when Gloob will release the trailer or the next episodes of S5 after its previous release! So, here I am going to share with you guys the information and recognition of non-Brazilian fans!

First- The 2 episodes we received this month were released earlier, and will be slightly different from the actual release Because- They first announced S5 for these 2 episodes to make us hyped But if S5 is really released. , maybe we will get an official trailer with episodes of the series? Maybe as they follow the S5 order in this, but we have to wait so we don’t get frustrated. But now, when?

Last year, when they previously released an episode of Furious Fu, we took a 3 week break until they released “Truth” in Portuguese dub (this episode was previously released in French.

last year, but let’s focus on Gloob now). And since some episodes are obviously not quite ready for broadcast yet, perhaps this could happen again in the Gloob Program, their official release will take place in July.

Maybe a trailer for July 4/11 again

Destruction July 11/18

And after July? When will we get new episodes?

It will be released on 17 October in Brazil.

And then, in early August, a special Gloob day will happen again. A Wonderful Day, a date created by Gloob in 2019, where they share the spoils, more info, games, Jessica and Fabrício script readings (LB and CN’s VA here in Brazil), but this year there is something different. a special day of the week to release new episodes.This Miracle Day This year is Monday!

So Maybe we can get a new episode on that Special Day! Gloob has created a new video style on their channel where Fabrício is reviewing a new episode after this Launch. Maybe Gloob can make his reaction with other voice actors watching this.

Maybe we can find a Trailer or a new episode as a trick that can be prepared until then with some robbers and information.

But still all of these speculations are based on how Gloob schedules have been adjusted over the years.Possible or not.But if the fun of the new episodes stays connected we will keep you informed.

Cat Out 🐾

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