How many seasons will there be of Miraculous Ladybug?

How many seasons will there be of Miraculous Ladybug? 20220716-162509 Via a Podcast with Radio France Thomas Astruc,Mélanie Duval and Philippe Bunel shared important information!!! 

How many seasons will Miraculous Ladybug have? 

The Team has in mind and ideas for 12 SEASONS for the show to continue but only 7 SEASONS are confirmed.They just are full of ideas for the future of the show. 

More Information:

★ There will be songs in next season.Is just that the next season won’t be a full musical like it was announced before.But Yeah there will be songs. 
★ Sentimonsters are common in the Miraculous Universe and there’s at least 3 active Sentimonsters.(We already know Adrien & Felix are sentimonsters but a 3rd Sentimonster has always been in the show? Nathalie? we’re not sure about the 3rd sentimonster hopefully it won’t be shocking) P.S: The team haven’t said there are actually 3 sentimonsters active in the show.Just saying that,Yeah since season 4 we had seen so many sentimonsters,so we can say that there are actually more than 3 sentimonsters in the show meaning we will probably see more sentimonsters in Season 5,6 and 7
 ★ Anne Jeanne Theoxanne will be the new teacher. 


★ The Peacock miraculous will continue to be active and will be active for the next few seasons. 


★ Marinette is not completely a native French girl,she has other origins,in Season 6 she is on her writing steps as they are trying to do better than in the previous seasons. 


★ The Brazil Special is still in production,but they are making good progress! 


★ Unfortunately,some production problems that can be only some later credits of maybe 1minute or so and not making the episode more than 21-24minutes. 
★ We’ll find out the name of Miss Bustier’s partner. ★ We will continue to see Gabriel after Season 5. P.S: It means that after Marinette finds out he is Monarch he won’t get jailed or punished for his Evil Doing!!!


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