10 Best Things About Marinette – Miraculous Ladybug

10 Best Things About Marinette – Miraculous Ladybug


10 Best Things About Marinette Dupain-Cheng

Not all of Marinette’s character traits are recommended, but there are many good things that can be found within her character throughout the Miraculous Ladybug.

It is almost impossible to watch and become a follower of the Miraculous Ladybug without removing its famous heroes, Ladybug and Cat Noir. They are Paris defenders who are always on the watch and have to do their heroic deeds close to their people, which can be very difficult considering the fact that they are still young, educated teenagers. Marinette may have what it takes to manage the Ladybug Miraculous, but it is still a huge responsibility for such small shoulders to bear. Not all of Marinette’s character traits are commended — many find her social uncomfortable as an issue, and Adrien, of her good schooling, adams Adrien at times when it sounds like an infatuation that needs to be closed. However, these evils help to balance his character and prevent him from accumulating power, and there is still a ton of good things that can be found within his character.

10) Marinette Takes Her Duties As Ladybug Incredibly Seriously

Miraculous-Ladybug-LadybugMarinette is probably a growing teenager who may lose her romantic thoughts, but she doesn’t always work with her head in the clouds. Whenever she acts like her Ladybug character, she is an incredibly serious and diligent character who never lets herself lose her focus on the work being done. He also follows all the rules of a powerful hero and finds them incredibly important. This is so true that he damages his intimate relationship because some actors seek explanations for his recurring disappearance that he can honestly say.

9) She May Tease Him, But Marinette Cares Deeply For Cat Noir

Miraculous-Ladybug-And-Cat-Noir-2Ladybug and Cat Noir may have their own spits, but at their core, they are both inseparable partners who care deeply about each other. Cat Noir clearly demonstrates this by often teasing Ladybug about love or referring to her with pet names that offend her a little. To some, it may not be obvious that Ladybug sees him as an irreverent person, but he appreciates Cat Noir and trusts him deeply. He seems to tremble whenever their relationship seems to be going from bad to worse.

8) She Has Tons Of Hobbies She Genuinely Loves Outside Of Heroism

Miraculous-Ladybug-Marinette-WorkingIt has never been better for anyone if a person loses his or her daily activities. It’s even harder to handle this when one talks about a powerful hero with his own person, but Marinette treats this surprisingly well for someone her age. This is evident in her favorite creative activities, all she can do for her time, including baking, sewing, drawing, and even mastering graphic design. Her biggest dream is to become a tailor, and she does not let her obligations as Ladybug end those dreams.

7) Her English Voice Actress Is Phenomenal & Breathes Life Into Her Character

Miraculous-Ladybug-Adrien-Agreste-Marinette-Dupain-Cheng-1Cristina Vee is an incredibly well-known English voice actress with a host of roles in your area for both cartoons and video games. Some of his most notable recent roles include Bennett and Xinngqiu from Genshin Impact, showing his versatility as he is able to articulate even male characters. His most famous ‘classic’ roles include Homura Akemi and Sailor Mars. To say that you are helping to breathe a Marinette character is an understatement, whether you are portrayed as shy, shy, loving, or anything in between. She has played one of Ladybug’s costumes before, showing how much she loves the role.

6) She Has A Ton Of Iconic Transformations, Including One Based On Cat Noir

Miraculous-Lady-Noire-And-Mister-BugThe Miraculous Ladybug is technically classified as a show of ‘magic girls’, which follows many genres. What could a great magical girl do without a ton of change of clothes and clothes? Although many of Ladybug’s friends are usually limited to one dress, she and Cat Noir have a tone, many of which are surprisingly well designed. They both even have an episode where they take a few modified versions of one-person assets, as well as discover their strengths. Ladybug turns into Lady Noire, and her version of Cat Noire’s jet-black suit is somewhat more stylish than her counterpart.

5) She’s An Optimistic Daydreamer Despite The Harsh Realities She’s Exposed To

Miraculous-Ladybug-Marinette-Smiling-WideBeing a hero assigned to the task of protecting people by nature means exposure to other dark themes of humanity. As negative human emotions are exploited and manipulated to turn them into powerful weapons, Marinette has to bear her own burden, whether she realizes it or not. Despite this, he is able to stay positive and focused on the good things in his life, as well as daydreaming about the possible future. This includes fulfilling her dreams of becoming a famous tailor, as well as having a home and family with Adrien.

4) Her Lucky Charm Makes For Some Truly Creative Day-Saving Moments

Miraculous-Ladybug-Lucky-CharmOne problem that often arises in miraculous series is that their power is limited. If they can be clearly portrayed as fighting with beasts with bows, magical guns, or even magic itself, it can be difficult to come up with something appealing but only for the children to reciprocate. Fortunately, Ladybug’s Lucky Charm did an excellent job. And while this may not seem straightforward to Marinette herself, not everyone can come up with her own creative plans. This is clearly shown in the episode “Reflekdoll,” where Mister Bug has trouble using Lucky Charm in the same way Ladybug does.

3) When It’s Not Being Taken Too Far, Her Crush On Adrien Is Genuinely Sweet

Miraculous-Ladybug-Marinette-Awkward-Around-AdrienMarinette often stumbles when it comes to the way she handles a love affair with a classmate — and unknowingly, her crime-fighting partner — Adrien. He can move things to more advanced levels where he finds all his movements on the map. However, there are many times in the series when his feelings for Adrien feel really sweet. It is clear that you care deeply about her and love her as a person, and the scenes where these healthy emotions come from are why fans can’t help but want to see them end up together.

2) She Doesn’t Let Her Superhero Duties Kill Her Civilian Dreams

Miraculous-Ladybug-And-Chat-NoirIt can be easy for young actors to be thrown into positions of power and responsibility and forget their side longing for a simple, sensible life. In many cases, the characters even abandon their dreams completely and accept that ‘being a hero’ is the only thing they still have time for. This made Marinette’s campaign to pursue dreams incredibly great without her heroic career. She still dreams of being a famous tailor, as well as having a big family with Adrien.

1) She Isn’t Unrealistically Written To Handle Everything Thrown At Her

Miraculous-Ladybug-Marinette-GrimacingMarinette has gone through a lot, both as her personality and because of her heroic ties as Ladybug. He often cracks under pressure and curses or pushes those who should be close to him, lying and acting in the wrong way. This may sound like a lot, but it helps her to feel like a real character whose viewers eventually sympathize with her. In fact he has times when he could not withstand the weight of being the caretaker of the Wonder Box and the owner of Ladybug Miraculous who is only 14 years old.

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