Miraculous Ladybug Season 5 Trailer

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It is a Fanmade Trailer not Official 

This season, Gabriel Agreste has all the Miracles from the Chinese Miracle Box (with the exception of Ladybug, the cat and the Peacock Miraculous), which means all the temporary heroes gathered from Season 2 will no longer be able to fight alongside Ladybug and Cat Noir until he begins to fight. stolen stolen Miracle found.

At Hashtag Festival 2021, Thomas Astruc and other writers shared new information:

There will be a new place; Agreste mansion kitchen, which will be an integral part of season 5.

This was supposed to appear in Season 4 episode “Gabriel Agreste”, but as creators are unable to create a limited number of new locations per season, it has been postponed to Season 5.

As with all seasons, this season will feature new songs and music.

Some episodes will be longer than 21 minutes, as explained by Thomas Astruc, due to the construction of additional scenes that did not reach the final product.

This is the first season that TV-G (Standard Audience) has been rated according to the TV Parents’ Guidelines. Previous episodes of the show have been limited to TV-Y7 (Adult Children).

However, Thomas Astruc said this was unfair, as their style of writing had not changed.

Unlike seasons 1, 2 and 3, which featured writers writing only certain episodes, all episodes were written by the same team that wrote all of Season 4 and 5 episodes (Thomas Astruc, Mélanie Duval, Fred Lenoir, and Sébastien Thibaudeau).

This will be the last season for the Christian family.

According to Feri González, this was scheduled for the final season.

This is supported by numerous statements from Thomas Astruc claiming that this season is the culmination of the current arc of the story, as well as the promotional material released by ZAG.

At TikTok, Ezra Weisz has confirmed that this season in his view is more amazing and exciting than Season 4.

According to Wilfried Pain, there will be a new character of tomorrow.

According to Thomas Astruc, the first eight episodes of Season 5 explode.

This will be the first season to have more than 26 episodes, instead having 27 episodes.

Unlike the past four seasons, episodes of Season 5 will not be named after villains, sentimonsters or other characters, but rather ideas, where nineteen of them are named after each of their Miracles. Chinese Miracle Box represent.

This also confirms that the concepts described in my book are truly authentic, as the two episodes, “Migration” and “Action” represent the concepts compiled by Kaalki and Pollen respectively, who are told in the series to represent “teleportation” (in. “Startrain”) and “submission” ( in “Style Queen”).

This is based on the fact that Xuppu was previously said to represent “happiness”, but was later confirmed to represent “laughter”, just as the book states.

The only episodes that do not match my well-known ones are “Reunion”, “Deflagration”, “Revelation”, “Confrontation”, “Collusion”, “Revolution”, “Representation”, “Conformation”, “Re-creation”.

On the contrary, Tikki is the only one of mine that does not have an episode named after its concept. However, it is possible that “Redesign” refers to Tikki.

Season 5 is the second season to feature two 2-part specials in its “The Kwamis’ Choice” and “Last Day” competition. The first season to do this was Season 2 “The Queen’s War” and “Heroes’ Day”. 

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