Miraculous Season 4 Episode 3 Gang of Secrets

Miraculous – Season 4 Episode 3 Gang of Secrets! Gang of Secrets IMG-20210713-203012-1-11zon

Overview of Gang of Secrets :

“Gang of Secrets” is the 4th episode of the series, The Miracle: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir. According to the series production series in particular, “Gang of Secrets” is the 3rd written and produced episode of Season 4. It is also the 81st episode written and produced in the series, in general.


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Marinette’s friends were involved in a Secret Gangge, a group of officials determined to save her.

Of course, breaking up with Luke broke my heart. And not being able to tell Adrien how I feel really hurts. Love is very hard. I think- I think I’ll stick to the friendship, that’s all I can do right now.


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