Miraculous Season 4 Ep 7 Sole Crusher

Miraculous – Season 4 Episode Sole Crusher Smiley face 407-1-11zon

Overview of Sole Crusher :

“Sole Crusher” is the 4th Episode of this series, The Miraclous: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir. According to the series production series in particular, “Sole Crusher” is the 7th written and produced episode of Season 4,in general.


Disney Channel

A newcomer to Marinette’s friends’ circle receives an invitation to become the Sole Crusher, a shy senior who can suck people.

Zoé, no one will judge you here. You are allowed to be yourself. You may stumble, fall, and they will always be the ones to help you back up. I will always be here for . DUPAIN-CHENG

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