Miraculous Season 3 Episode 7 Silencer

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“Silencer” is a Season 3 scene of the series, Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug and Cat Noir.As in view of the series’ creation request explicitly, “Silencer” is the seventh composed and delivered scene of Season 3. It is likewise the 59th composed and created scene of the series, overall.


Marinette and Kitty Section are recording a music video, but the unfaithful producer, XY’s father, steals their ideas and encourages Luke to take revenge.

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Luke gets crowded on Silencer, and then steals people’s voices in retaliation for music producer, Bob Roth.

She is a strange girl, Marinette. It is as clear as a musical note and as sincere as a psalm. It’s the music that’s been playing in my head since [the day we started] meeting.


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